During Our Time On The Planet
Let's Make The World Smile, Think, Believe...

In the early months of 2020, a novel coronavirus
trapped much of the world indoors. The idea of creating a "time capsule,"
of sorts, was born then. This is a place to share stories and art
about what helps us cope during divided and deadly times.
Join us, won't you?

Ever wanted to race a motorbike and make sweet pickles from your granny's recipe?

This Montana artist likes to keep things
moving. Her top speed on the Salt Flats
in 2019: 121.425 mph... This year it's a
memorial on an Indian for a friend.

What does a muscian do during Covid-19 Pandemic? Meet Marlene & Buck.
Buck It: Here's to Pandemic Music
Meet Cousin Marlene and her bird Buck
as they navigate their way through 2020
in Missoula, Montana.

Missoula Student Stephen Clement Sings Godspell - Share from his mom for Time On The Planet

Out of the ruins and rubble,
out of the smog,
out of our night of struggle
can we see a ray of hope?
One pale thin ray reaching...

.....IT'S ABOUT TIME.....

Image Changes With Cursor Touch

Share your time with us.
We'd love to know what you do (create)
that brings you peace and clarity.

Me, I often doodle.


Do Share!

We want to hear from you.
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