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No Masking The Love Of Making Music
Winter 2020/21 - Marlene Hutchins

Marlene Hutchins created masks and music during the Pandemic of 2020

Cousin Marlene after a night of making music with her band in Missoula, Montana.
(Credit: DP Hollenback 2018)

The Intro
by GSW

In early 2020, when Covid-19 began spreading across America, musicians (street to stadium performers) were told to go home. For their safety and the safety of others, they had to cease making music (and crowds) in public. Concerts were cancelled. Tap Rooms were closed. Popular Out-To-Lunch venues along scenic rivers were no longer an option for those who enjoy watching Music Makers in a place where they can also dance. cannot be muzzled. It must be heard in real time, or at least virtually live, by others.

And, so, in Missoula, Montana, a few creatives launched a venue on Facebook called Sequesterfest. Fall of 2020, Marlene Hutchins -- a freelance graphic artist and musician who performs as Cousin Marlene  -- volunteered to host the regular online music event:

Below is a video excerpt from her last Sequesterfest (
March 2021) performance. Onward.

Note: Marlene has written a book featuring Buck! Learn more below.



When asked to share the story of her musical evolution, Marlene writes, "It’s too painful to think back to pre-covid time. It was epic. I’ll leave it at that. The pandemic forced us to change the way we do things; in hindsight, it was a mixed blessing. Musicians discovered how to use live feeds and YouTube recordings to reach audiences. In Missoula, a musician friend launched Sequesterfest and I took it over last fall. The last one was March 20th (2021). We'll see what happens next in my musical journey.



Cousin Marlene plays guitar and sings in a band called Basses Covered

Basses Covered includes Missoulian Cousin Marlene on guitar and vocals

Cousin Marlene and Basses Covered play New Year's First Night Missoula

About The Artist

Marlene Hutchins created masks and music during the Pandemic of 2020


Marlene Hutchins shares her talent for graphic art and marketing through her company Hutchins Free Range Creative. She performs regularly around Montana with her band Basses Covered. She has one son (Nathaniel) and a beloved bird, a cockatiel (Buck), and lots of friends, for whom she has made face masks.




Picture of book Where is Buck with the cockatiel looking at the camera
UPDATE: Marlene has written a book about Buck. Contact her for a copy!
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Why did Marlene polish-up her sewing skills when Covid-19 arrived in America? Read stories of the people behind the masks.






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