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Montana Wild Life
Photos by Philip Granrud

Photo by Montana photographer Philip Granrud of GNP
Glacier National Park Sky MT - c) Philip Granrud Photography

April 9, 2013
[Posting today an] unedited picture of the middle of the Glacier National Park sky last night 🙂. It was an all nighter and temps got down somewhere between cold and frigid lol. But seriously according to the instrument it was about 15 degrees and well worth it! I'm really glad one of my adventure buddies and talented photographer Kyle Moseley asked me to come along! He was a great mentor! Thank you again, Kyle!

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Following Philip
by GSW

Somewhere along the line, maybe a couple of years ago, Time on the Planet©  found the photography of Philip Granrud online. Per Facebook, he describes himself as a "differently-abled photographer" from Kalispell, Montana, "who enjoys the outdoors, science, and medical research." We now know he's the photographer behind a world-famous photo of a grizzly bear. Before this, we jut knew that in a social-media world stuffed full of memes and fantastical images, his photos of Montana can stop a hurried scroll.

Usually, when Philip posts one of his images, he shares a few thoughts, or more often the tale of how he came to capture the image that stopped your scroll. These stories are engaging and it's easy to relate to his struggles, whether it's trying to video one of his favorite little critters -- the Pika -- or solve the failure of a technological tool.

Check out his work below. It's worth a slow scroll.

Granrud Image Below:
Pikas are small short-legged and virtually tailless egg-shaped mammals found in the mountains of western North America and much of Asia.

Name: Granrud
Origin: Norwegian
Meaning: Peaceful,
Systematic Mind, Mysterious

Known to hike miles into his beloved Glacier National Park, often alone and at night in search of the Northern Lights, or whatever else may capture his eye, Philip today spends time recovering his health and stamina (see story) and organizing his countless catalog of images.

He's being ruthless, he says, about ongoing medical research and particularly the job of photo editing.

"The goal is to keep only the best image(s) out of a series shot," he tells his fans from all over Montana and other parts of the world.

No one said it would be easy. He has about 5,000 images of bears that have provided him with a thrilling moment in the wild.

Photograph of a bear with grass in its teeth looking into the camera

Sept 13, 2020
...I've been feeling the last month and a half like this bear looks, so figured this was a good photo. In reality, this bear [above image] was a happy camper, but caught him with his mouth full and looking directly into the sun as it was setting.

Nov 9, 2020

After a serious battle with the virus...I finally made it back into the wilderness. I noticed a winter storm was coming into Montana and that this weekend would most likely be the last time many of these places would be even remotely accessible until June of next year, so I set out on a 14-mile trip to see as much as I could possibly see with an energy I haven't felt in a long time! 

Philip Granrud photo of moose calfs feeding -- all legs.
Philip Granrud photograph of a running fox in  the Montana wild.

Philip Granrud photographs beauty in the Montana wild.
Philip Granrud photographs beauty in the Montana wild.

June 26, 2021

My car stopped working over the weekend 😂😂 Current story of my life 🤣🤣  Incredibly thankful for the amazing girl who jump started me far from home at 3:30 AM. I got home fine but could tell as soon as I turned the car off, it wasn't going to start again. ..Going to try to figure out this electric car on my own. So different then regular vehicles from previous generations. Wish me luck.

Deer backlit by the sun while standing in tall grass of Montana - Granrud Image
Night sky with stars in Glacier National Park with a waterfall and cliffs in foreground
Antlered deer looking at the camera flanked by white bark aspen

Beautiful hummingbird seeking nectar from a fusia colored flower

July 26, 2021
Stoked! Saw some hummingbirds feeding on wildflowers right when the sun was rising over the Swan Mountains. Happened to have my wildlife lens, special lighting, and camera. Sat with them for a minute, and got these incredible backlit shots! ...I hate being so far behind and having to do all this medical research and tech issues. Hoping I can post some in the next year or so! Can't wait for all of this to be over with.

Image Below:
Northern Lights at Lake MacDonald in Glacier National Park.

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Marlene Hutchins created masks and music during the Pandemic of 2020


*Philip Granrud photographs the Montana outdoors for his pleasure and future sales of his printed work. He also freelances for weddings and other events. You can follow him on Facebook.


*Pre-covid status.

Day-to-day these days.




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How did Philip's life change when Covid-19 arrived in America? Read some of his story here.






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