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April 24th - Sara Clement

Howl for Missoula 2020 to honor Health Care & Essential Workers during Covid
Photo: Sam Supplee Neiderman / Amy Crider & Howl for Missoula MT


Howl for Missoula 2020 Art Share
A nightly community howl to support Covid-19 Essential Workers.

"...In all my adult anxiety
about what is happening around us --
the fear, the worry, the loneliness, the economic meltdown,
the drastic change in routine as well as our connection to others
-- my 16-year-old offers a personal perspective
during this time.
It’s more of a memory, really,
about his connection to his siblings, 
back when they were all small
and everything felt safe.
This artwork is his truth.
It reminds me that things have been good,
and will be again.
Different. But, good.
Howl for Missoula 2020
also serves to remind me of that.
Separate, but not alone.
Life is change.
Memories are forever.
What if these are the good ole' days?

Howl On!

Four Heroes and A Princess Pen & Ink by Barrett Clement of Missoula MT
Four Heroes and A Princess
by Barrett Clement
9" x 10" InkJoy Gel Pen & Felt Pen

Missoula, Montana

All of my children were schooled at home, so they are very close. My oldest son has a Bachelor's Degree in Theater; my second son is a junior in Computer Science, and my third is a freshman in Musical Theater* -- all at the University of Montana in Missoula. Sixteen-year-old Barrett now attends Sentinel High School. His eight-year-old sister is still in homeschool.

When this crisis began, we found it fairly easy for us to fall back into homeschool. Barrett has used art as a beautiful tool to express so many feelings throughout his life, and this piece was inspired by how he feels about being holed up with his family. He has fond memories of how close he is to his siblings, and for him, remembering that comradeship is foundational for how he manages the stress of the world shutting down around him.
Barrett started meditating at a young age, and transfers his inner peace into art, where focus on positive realities is key to finding joy in what is. While some of his art is melancholy when dealing with grief or loss, he likes to reach for memories to remind himself of how lucky he is to have a loving family.

Another recent piece (below) shows him and his siblings gathered around their father's feet as he sings and tells musical stories for their delight. Memories of simpler times, easier themes.


Graphite Pencil Drawing
by Barrett Clement

Click for larger image.

About The Art:
Barrett uses a variety of mediums, but focuses on pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, drawing markers,
and paint pens.

Stephen Clement

19-Year-Old Music Theater Student
University of Montana, Missoula

Song: Beautiful City from "Godspell"


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