April 30, 2020
by Glenda S Wallace
Spring returns with a deep breath.
Flying down a rural Montana road on a vintage motorbike,
birds over head, bugs in the eye,
shades of green everywhere....
This is heaven.
How do I forget this feeling?

A clean moment.
No concern for the western bank
of clouds overhead that threaten thunder.
Forget the 60,000 Covid dead.
Look ahead. Don't glance back.
Look to where you're riding.
Get the air in your face!
Must have wind
on the face.
See that sweet budding willow?
Touch of new green paling sky with froth and grace?
See it dip
to hear the voice deep from lush lawn?
See the black cattle
in green fields with snow waters
pushed up from valley rock and soil,
creating mirrors for tendrils so fresh,
the heart expands a beat?

This is real.
You can taste this, smell this, touch this.

We've found First Gear again:
Possibilities explode
like fireworks on the 4th of July.
Such delight to receive that big core breath
that surprises the soul and straightens the spine.
It's good to feel okay in the verdant,
storm-keen light
of normal.



Open Wound
What's Next?
Nude Lashes
Who Axed U
On The Edge
Still Normal
Flight, Fight Or
Does Not Compute

“A beetle
will chase after an opening of light,
while a cockroach
will scatter at a crack of it.

How are we different from insects?
Nobody is purely good
or purely evil.
Most of us are in-between.

There are moths
that explore the day
and butterflies that play at night.
Polarity is an integral part of nature
— human or not human.”

― Suzy Kassem
Poet, Philosopher, Artist

The name / term ABBY NORMAL comes from the 1974 comedy "Young Frankenstein," a much-studied and much-loved movie about a scientist who makes a human being from used parts. The movie is based on the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, who wrote a horror novel in 1818 to explore the ageless theme of run-away technology. 
Award-Winner Mel Brooks (who made movies to make himself laugh) directed this classic film. Our cultural reference (in today's blog) arrives when Dr. Frankenstein (the amazing Gene Wilder's character) discovers that his assistant has made a dreadful mistake: In the quest to help create life, Igor thinks one Brain in a Jar on the shelf of the lab of a mad scientist is as good as any other Brain in a Jar on the shelf....

Clip from Classic Movie Young Frankenstein


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