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Howl for Missoula 2020 to honor Health Care & Essential Workers during Covid
Photo: Sam Supplee Neiderman | Howl for Missoula MT

Like other places across the globe,
Montana communities are honoring Covid-19 Essential Workers
in a vocal way. Every night at 8 pm, we howl.

Upon finding
Howl for Missoula 2020 on Facebook,
Nevada Intensive Care Unit Nurse
James Matovich

was so moved he posted this video.

Touch here and Video Play buttons appear.

Click Play to listen to Missoula howling to support Essential Workers during pandemic.*

Agreeing to share his video post with us,
James says about the comments he's receiving:

"I don’t think of myself as brave. Or a hero. I’m a nurse.
I clock in and keep people alive to our mutual understanding.
I’m super busy every night and usually I don’t take lunch. 
But this is what I want to do. 
As long as I have PPE
I’ll take care of my peeps."

James Matovick, ER Nurse from NV, comments on Howl for Missoula 2020

James has been a nurse since 2015.
Prior to moving to Las Vegas for nursing school,
he worked for seven years as a paramedic,
serving in an ambulance
for Missoula Emergency Services Inc.

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* Audio of Missoula Howlers courtesy of Albert Tucker

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