During Our Time On The Planet
Let's Make The World Smile, Think, Believe...

In the early months of 2020, Earth's inhabitants began to deal with a novel coronavirus.

This virus spread across the land, infecting and killing,
forcing people to stop and consider that which they could not control.
Schools were closed.
Bars were closed.
People who were not essential workers
were told to go home
and stay six feet apart from Others.
Two weeks, to start.
Then 30 days....
Then more....

And, thus began the idea of this website...
a vehicle to capture the thoughts and feelings
of those who are anxious and creative and willing to share.

I'll go first!


March 26th - Glenda S Wallace
Title: Adapting to a World of Pandemic
Platform: Color Poster GIF
Alberton, Montana
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Let's Grow

I produced the above Doodle to work out my feelings
after consuming too much news
that included the words
Coronavirus & Covid 19.

And, then,
I wondered if others were doodling, too
If others needed to work out feelings through art or writing...or song?

And, if so, maybe a safe place to gather and display that work,
to share self-expressions, free, on a platform like this is needed...


please send it to us via email....
and keep watch here for thought-provoking, engaging images and stories.

Thank You.
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