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March 26th - Glenda S Wallace
Title: Adapting to a World of Pandemic
Platform: Color Poster GIF
Alberton, Montana

Covid-19 Inspired Doodle by Glenda S Wallace - An Act of Sanity

The struggle began with the first news
of the Covid-19 pandemic spreading to Montana,
before the March 25th Order to Shelter in Place from the Governor.
As a veteran freelance worker with a Home Office,
I'm used to isolation
and staying productive.
I've done it well for years,
but this was different.
This felt like flat earth with an abrupt edge.
This was about freedom and fear.
A sign of profound change.
And, so when the Tricks to Stick failed,
I doodled...
and felt the upward thrust of better.

Four days later we had an earthquake.
What's next?


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October 24, 2019
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